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Premium Blenders and Smoothie Makers in the UK

Attract more customers by adding smoothies to your menu. After all, not everyone enjoys the taste and texture of fresh fruit juice, and it makes great business sense to offer something that’s more flavourful and appealing than a straightforward fruit extract.

iSqueeze’s UK blenders and smoothie makers help you in this endeavour. With pre-programmed blending profiles, these machines let you concoct all sorts of refreshments besides fruit juice. You can create smoothies, milkshakes, frozen beverages and even frappes, with a touch of a button. Some of the models feature electronic keypads viewed on an LCD screen, so your team can easily whip up anything you can think of.

With a powerful machine on your counter, you can cater to a wider customer segment. Take a look at our blenders:

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  1. iSqueeze Hooded Blender
    iSqueeze Hooded Blender
    £712.00 (£854.40 Incl. VAT)
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Superior Performance

Designed for high-demand juice bars, milkshake stands and restaurants, our extremely reliable blenders produce different types of beverages. It can handle large chunks of fruits and fibrous vegetables, blending them evenly for a consistent texture and flavour. It can work with even the toughest materials, turning coarse, frozen items to fine, creamy smoothies.

The blending profiles give you full control over the beverage you’re making. Thanks to precise control systems, you run no risk of under or over blending.

Unmatched Convenience

You can create any type of smoothie you can think of with just the touch of a button. Just pour in the ingredients, place the lid on and adjust the settings — you’ll have a fresh batch of puree or shake in a matter of seconds. It’s a sure-fire way to avoid bored and impatient customers.

Diners won’t be bothered by loud rumbling noises that most blenders make. iSqueeze’s blenders come with a sound enclosure that reduces noise to around 10 decibels. Even if you use the blender non-stop, it won’t ruin the quiet ambience of your shop.

Endless Culinary Creations

Prepare to create countless smoothies and shakes with an iSqueeze commercial bar blender. Thanks to its razor-sharp blades, it can process various food pairings — hot and cold, liquid and solid, dry and wet, fine and coarse. Trust that you’ll end up with a delicious mixture with an even temperature, consistency and texture.

Cater to a wider customer base. Get in touch today for blenders that can create the smoothie that’s popular in your town.