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Your Reliable Commercial Centrifugal Juicers

iSqueeze presents the fastest way to produce all-natural juice: the Centrifugal Juicer. These machines harness the power of centrifugal force, extracting every drop of fluid from your fruits and even from dry, leafy vegetables. Some models feature a double-feed chute that lets you process two fruits or vegetables at once. Reliable and powerful, these models can produce up to two litres of juice every minute.

Our commercial centrifugal juicers are also easy-to-use; just feed it your fruit or vegetable, and the machine will do all the work. They have an automatic pulp ejector, so you don’t have to worry about pulp build-up either. On top of that, these models are quieter than most centrifugal juicers in the market. No loud, rumbling noise would disturb the ambiance of your cafe, convenience store or juice bar.

These machines meet your exacting demands, even if you have to juice a lot of fruits every day. Take a look at our centrifugal juicers:

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  1. Ceado ES500 Centrifugal Juicer
    Ceado ES500 Centrifugal Juicer
    £1,249.00 (£1,498.80 Incl. VAT)
  2. Ceado ES700 centrifugal juicer
    Ceado ES700 centrifugal juicer
    £1,900.00 (£2,280.00 Incl. VAT)
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For All-Around Juicing Needs

With a centrifugal juicer installed in your shop, you can expand your menu and offer exciting beverages to an increasingly health-conscious customer base. Whether you’re a cafe, juice bar, catering company or a convenience store, your juicer will create a robust revenue stream.

You can create more than fruit and vegetable juices with a juicer; you can also prepare mixers for cocktails or create sauces for savoury dishes. Garnish desserts, glaze tarts, fortify soups and make baked goods tastier. With a centrifugal juicer, you can make just about anything more flavourful.

For Efficient Juicing

The powerful centrifugal motion pulls the juice out of the pulp and passes it through the mesh film, which filters out the solid bits and leaves a consistent, clean healthy juice behind.

The combinations are endless. You can concoct all sorts of juices you can think of. You can experiment with different vegetable pairings and fruit mixes. With our centrifugal juicer, you can always offer something new to your customers, who, in turn, will always be on the edge of their seats waiting for the next great beverage from your store.

For an Appealing Display

Boasting sleek designs, our centrifugal juicer machines fit right into your counter. In fact, your centrifugal juicer will make a bland display more interesting, as customers can witness how fruits transform into their refreshment. Space isn’t an issue; our models sport a minimalist exterior that takes up little counter space.

Our centrifugal juicers are the easy and quick way to whip up something fun and healthy for your diners. Get in touch for our juicers today.