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Juice Equipment Leasing for a Manageable Cash Flow

What Leasing Does for Your Business

Leasing is a simple, cost effective way to fund your juicing equipment to grow and support your business.Instead of investing a significant amount in the venture, you spend less for the same, reliable service. This makes your cash flow more manageable and predictable, giving you more control over your expenses during the agreed lease period.

Benefits of Leasing:

No Large Outlay
The biggest advantage of financing assets is that there is no need for you to pay the entire amount upfront with the majority of the cost being spread over a number of years. This can significantly help to preserve cash flow, which is critical to all businesses. This also allows you to invest your financial resources in other aspects of the business.
Even if there’s no large outlay, you still have access to a high-quality equipment that will make your business more competitive.

Cash Flow
As our finance solutions allow costs to be spread over time you can pay for the asset with the income it generates (therefore, paying for itself) whilst minimising the drain on working capital. Poor cash flow is one of the main causes of small business failures, and using effective asset finance effectively can help.

Fixed Cost Funding
With asset finance agreements, payments are typically agreed up front and fixed for the life of the agreement, making cash flow management more predictable.

Preserve Existing Credit Lines
By ensuring a big cash outlay is not required, our finance agreements preserve your other credit lines, (such as bank overdrafts, additional bank loans etc). This allows you to keep other lines of funding open.

Equipment Reliability
The leasing company is responsible for handling the malfunctions, breakdowns and other machine problems. You have the company’s full support maintenance-wise and avoid paying huge repair bills.
Moreover, you can take advantage of the leasing company’s superior product knowledge, so you can make the most of your juicers, blenders and slush machines.

Leasing business equipment gives your business more flexibility to grow. By spreading the cost of your equipment into monthly payments, you can choose to simply replace the equipment at the end of the lease period for a brand new machine.
If you found that you need a more powerful machine to meet the demand, or if you need to scale down your equipment, the transition would be easy. You won’t overwork the equipment or have it lying idly. There will be no extra cost, just a continuation of your existing costs.

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